Cancer Full Moon January 4th

full moon and treeWe begin the New Year with a powerful illuminating Full Moon in Cancer on January 4th 8:53 PM.

Full moons always  illuminate that which is hidden. It sheds light on situations and allows us to SEE in a new way.

Once we are aware of what is hidden….we can then make clear conscience decisions !


This  First Full Moon of the year will really kick start our year! It highlights the Cardinal Grand Cross of last April, and  if it doesnt challeneg it does change will be particularly potent! It activates the Pluto Uranus  square, and the Lunar Nodes.  Visualize  a cross, every point  is in opposition, and each  point wants to win. Each  point is in a   Cardinal signs ( Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn) and  represent home, work, relationship and self expression. Each point wants all of your attention. This should feel familiar….. we  visited this place last April. So, the question becomes….Where are you now…..what decisions did you make that FEEL right? What is not working? What new information has been reveled? We are now on higher ground, with a broader view….so, we get to choose, consciously, what path to take.



 This  Cosmic Kick-start will get us on the Right Path, quickly! Time to say bye bye to the old,

and hello to new exciting adventures!

linda and shell on horsesJoin us as we gather for our first  group adventure in the

New Year

Our  Full Moon Horseback Ride and Ceremony in Griffith Park!

5 PM – 8 PM Saturday January 3rd

Cost $45

RSVP and I will send you all the details!

You will begin to feel the emotional build up and internal pressure to make changes on New Years day.

Listen to you inner guidance
This is an incredible opportunity to make real, soulful changes and decisions.

I you can’t join us on Horseback, be sure to take time over this first weekend of the year to allow what ever needs to bubble up to do so with love ( you will feel it for sure)….and CHOOSE your path for 2015!

Be sure to let off some emotional  steam…..Howl at that Moon…..It will feel GREAT!

wolf howling at full moon57



Peace and Blessings


January 2015 Overview

Happy-New-Year-2015-Hot-ColorsWelcome to 2015! And, as we begin our New Year….be sure to take  some time to reflect on all you accomplished in 2014 ……

The Good….The Bad….and the Ugly! Embrace it all!

It truly was a dynamic year that  created shifts, changes, new paths, and the closing of many doors.  Last years powerful  Grand Cross, and the continued Pluto Uranus square made many inroads to new directions for us all. As we start  2015, this energy (or might I say man on winding roadtension) of Pluto ( breaking down old structures) and Uranus ( heading in New Innovative directions)  will  be strong!

We can run, but we can not hide! This first  full moon of 2015,  January 4th  illuminates  the exact degree of the  April Grand Cross  ( 13 *) Aries, Cancer,Capricorn, Libra! So, for sure it is REVIEW time!

Really look at how far you have come! We have actually turned the corner and are re-creating our world!  worldloveEach one of us has an important part to play. The  North Node in Libra summons us to true equality , peace, and partnership. The south node in Aries urges us to mature beyond self absorption, impulsiveness, and aggression. The square of the nodes to the Full moon pressure us to resolve core karmic lessons!

With the outer planets involved, please know  this is a turning point. We are engaged in a much larger collective shift! Humanity must rewrite the rules and roles, creating a world that embraces  collaboration, not domination….. A world that works for ALL  the people,  animals, and the environment!  In simple terms,  what we have here is (Aries,) courage and initiative,( Cancer) , sensitivity and compassion, (Libra), team work and diplomacy, and  (Capricorn), responsibility  and integrity! We need all qualities to thrive! At the beginning  of this year you will be called to Balance these qualities!

balance with rocks

As you can see, we are starting the year in a brand new place, on higher ground with a much better view all around!


What ever gets illuminated for you, or brought to the light during this full moon, ( full moons orbs are  2 days before and after) is what needs to be addressed….or it will linger thru the year! Have the Aries courage to face the demons,  make the fair and just  decision…and  JUST DO IT!do more of what makes you awesomjpg

Really look at Thinking Different in 2015!  Right from the get go! Release the old, worn out patterns. Seriously, we don’t have time for them  this year.  We gotta get a move on in 2015. This full moon will help you SEE CLEARLY what direction the road is taking!think different




Please note, we are doing a Full Moon Ride,  Release, and Welcoming  2015  at Griffith Park on Saturday Jan 3rd, 5 pm to 8 PM.  Join us! It will be illuminating for sure!  RSVP and I will send you all the details!horse full moon

Here are a few more important dates and energy shifts to help you navigate  January’s Cosmic Currents and a great beginning to the  New Year!


Jan 1… Mars in Aquarius opposite Jupiter in Leo

What occurs on the 1st day of the New Year sets the tone for the entire year!  And this year  we have Mars opposite grow bigJupiter in the signs of Aquarius and Leo. The basic influence of this aspect is that it is very high energy, dynamic and can be quite exciting and spirited! Other words that apply are high powered, aggressive, enterprising and magnetic.  So, this energy will help us to Get a Move On…..for the entire year! This is a great entrepreneurial energy, so, lets get the party started! You will have the energy and vision to put  plans in place!
Jan. 4….Full Moon in Cancer/ Capricorn illuminating the exact degree of the  Grand Cross  from April 2014! ( see full moon page! )
Jan 19th…. Mars conjuncts Neptune at 6 Pisces…Think Fire meets Water…..Mars is our energy and action, and is meeting up with and kissing Neptune in Pisces, the gentle, Spiritual energy.  You might feel a bit tired, like you just can’t push forward….and this is good…..DON’T! It would be a great day to lighten your schedule, spend time in nature, or just Listen In! Surrender…..Relax….and Allow!  All  you need  comes  easily this day….so….. Enjoy it! Take time to get inner insight for the New Moon tomorrow!
 Jan 20th ….New Moon in Aquarius @  0*  5:13 AM! Aquarius is the sign of the visionary andaquarius constaltion the inventor….the humanitarian and the agent of change, intent on fostering a better future for all. Aquarius rules the power of ideals and technology, and the exponential effect that group consciousness has on the shifting the course of humanity! And, at 0 degrees, this signifies a new beginning for us all!  (Your New Moon ceremony will be posted on the New Moon page in a few days…so check back!)
Jan. 21 Feb 11……. First Mercury Rx of the year !And,  it is  in the sign of Aquarius!  Because of its retrograde motion, Mercury  will be  in this sign  Jan 4th – March 12 giving us extra time to sort things out! And, isn’t it interesting that it stations Rx the day after the New Moon in Aquarius!  This Rx will assist us in  einstein_classic_oldcalling our attention to what we may have missed earlier , or what needs to realign, repair or release.  Where is your genius? What is holding you  back? Now is the time to  to ask and listen! Your genius is calling you….. so be ready to receive!
Jan 28th…..Shelley’s Bday! Yippee! I will be taking the day off to plan, plot, and do as I instruct…….celebrating with several other Aquarians discussing our Genius Plans to change the world ! 🙂
And……drum roll please……
 I am super excited to be  launching my new ASTRO COACHING PROGRAM in the New Year. This is a brilliant way to use the accuracy of Astrology and The  Power of Coaching to  have big breakthroughs and get Results in 2015! Guaranteed!
Several Packages Available
Contact me directly for all the details.
The world needs you…. and this program will gets you there!

 Looking forward to an amazing 2015 and working with all of you!



 Peace and Blessings



Capricorn New Moon, Winter Solstice December 21st

capricorn_zodiac kagayaSunday the 21st is a  Super Charged Manifestation Day!

New Moon @ 0 Capricorn 5:35 PM PST

Winter Solstice @ 0 Capricorn 3:03 PM PST

Uranus Turns Direct @12 Aries 2:45 PM PST

New Moons are always about starting anew each month. They are cosmic  re-set points! No matter what happens during the month or the year,  it is a cosmic blessing that supports us to begin anew! Capricorn’s  symbol is the Mountain Goat! It is the  sign and energy that is all about integrity, responsibility,  planing, goal setting, being tenacious  and getting serious about what we want to accomplish!  This Capricorn energy will abound on the 21st  as  Venus, Mercury, and Pluto are also  lined up in this sign.goat in percarious position

The Winter Solstice occurs at 3:03 PM. This is the moment when the Sun shifts into the sign of Capricorn,  and marks the longest night and shortest day of the year. Because of the position of the Sun, there is an appearance that that it rises and sets in the same location for 3 days. It almost  feels like time stands still. An opening, or direct link to the Cosmos! There is a high influx of planetary energy available to us, perfect to plant the seeds of our manifestation for the New Year.  We will see the spouts of our desires at the time Spring Equinox in March! But, for the next 3 months, we let them germinate and grow deep roots! we just ALLOW the natural process to emerge!sunrise on river

The Universe is  giving  us a big booster shot by aligning this New Moon so close to the exact time of the  Winter Solstice. It is double Manifestation power! (Remember….it will double manifest whatever you are thinking….so take care…watch your thoughts and mind set! )

And….one more special  power shot on the 21st…….Uranus, the planet of sudden insights, genius, Creative Chaos, turns direct!  He has been resting for 6 months, and now is ready to move! The urge to take action will be strong! Be open to receiving new brilliant insights and strategies.  Put your plan in place to implement your goals for  2015 in a fresh, new, exciting way!

Dream it…..Believe It….and See it Happening….Think BIG and outside the BOX!

einstien quote

So much change  has occurred since the begin of the year! Now is the time,  and an opportunity to embark on a  Heroes Journey…….. your Journey in 2015heros journey

New, fresh, rejuvenated and ready for adventure, excitement and your hearts desire!

The 21st is the Day!  Just Do It! 

Take the time from your busy schedule to honor your path for 2015.

Please join me for a LIVE gathering from 5 to 7PM in Marina del Rey!

We will use the power and magic of this day to manifest!

I will also be giving an  Astrological overview  of 2015!

There is super magnetic power in a group…. I am excited and happy to have you attend in person!

Please RSVP, and I will send you all the details.

If you are not able to join me live, stop and take the time to do your personal New Moon Ceremony….you will be so happy you did. Honor this day, take some time for you, unplug, reset and think BIG!

Yippee, a new year is upon us!


 And now on to the qualities of Capricorn the Mountain Goat…and your intention setting!

capricorn star connect


Capricorn Rules Goals, Including:

Ambition, Defining Goals, Using Opportunities, Professions, Hard Work.

Sample Intentions to assist us in Reaching Goals for 2015:

I clearly see my goal of ——–, completed with ease, grace and joy!
I intend to do work that aligns with my heart and integrity.

I intend to work with and for companies that are aligned with my values.

I clearly define my goals for this year, month by month and KNOW they will manifest!

I love achieving success in my work! I am a Rock Star!

Capricorn Rules Future Needs, Including:

Father Time, Making Sensible Decisions, Maturity.

Sample Intentions to Promote Preparing for 2015 and the Future:goal setting

I intend to plan and execute a solid financial plan for my future!

All business decisions I make in 2015 lead to financial abundance and a structure that supports a lifestyle I love!

I intend to use TIME to my best advantage, and I always have plenty of it!


Capricorn Rules Responsibility, Including:

Self-discipline, Adult Behavior, Keeping Commitments, Public Image.

Sample Intentions to Encourage Responsible Behavior Leading to Success:setting-up-goals-and-objectives

I intend to behave in ways that create an authentic public image.

I intend to keep my commitments and honor my word to myself and others.

I intend to practice self-discipline, and reach my goal of

in 2015.



Capricorn Rules Success, Including:

Accomplishments, Recognition, Social Status, Achieving Goals.

Sample Intentions to help achieve success:

I release all anxiety around success.

I intend to succeed in my chosen profession, no matter what!

I intend to achieve my goal of

with enthusiasm and energy!

I intend and SEE myself reaching my goals, succeeding in every area of my life!

I love being successful, and it comes easy to me!


Capricorn Rules Management, Including:mother duck keeping watch

Following Protocol, Delegating Responsibility, Being in Charge, Respect.

Sample Intentions to Enhance Management Skills:

I intend to management my staff in ways that promote responsibility and respect for all involved!

I accurately discern the talents of those around me and place them in positions that are perfect for their skill set!


Capricorn Rules Authority, Including:

Fathers, Bosses, Tradition, Reputation.

Sample Intentions to Promote Successful Interactions with Authority:

I intend to interact with my father in a constructive loving way, one that promotes self-identity.

I interact with my boss without fear.

I honor and respect traditional ways.


Capricorn Rules Excessive Control, Including:grow big

Lack of Joy, Sternness, Fear of New Approaches, Pessimism,

Inflexibility, Self-justification.

Sample Intentions to Release Controlling Tendencies:

I focus only on positive outcomes.

I release my need to be right.

I release my need to control people, places and things.

I invite in new possibilities to help reach my goals.

I release inflexible approaches.


As always, these are for your use, or to stimulate ideas and goals for YOUR personal New Moon intention setting ceremony!

Take a few minutes to understand and feel the power of these Capricorn characteristics! This IS the energy that will set the stage for 2015! It is Potent, Powerful, and will Propel you thru the entire New Year!   So… with it!


Here are the guidelines for your New Moon Super Ceremony.prayer little girl

  1. Start at the exact time 5:35 PM PST Sunday December 21 or AFTER. You have up to 8 hours to capture the full intensity.
  2. Get quiet, center, and make your ceremony sacred.
  3. Write your 10 intentions by hand, not computer.
  4. Your intentions this month are around the natural qualities of Capricorn and your dreams and plans for 2015
  5. After writing your intentions and goals, take a few minutes, and see them actualized. Feel them complete and EXPECT them to happen…get excited! You completed your goal! Yippee!!!!
  6. Listen to your Heart and Soul……
  7. Go for your Big Vision …the world needs you Now!


Here’s to an amazing, powerful, Balanced 2015 where we collaborate with one another and move our entire planet toward peaceful abundant solutions that work for everyone!

Happy Happy Holidays and here’s to an Amazing 2015!

Peace-Love-purple-21933105-328-379Stay Inspired….Connected…..Empowered!

Peace and Blessings


PS…Give the Gift that lasts all year….The gift of Astrology…..certificates available!

 xmas gift




December 2014 Overview!

Life+Peace+Love dove


Here we are …..the last month of  one  of the  most dynamic years I can remember! And, December will present quite a FESTIVE  end to 2014!! The 2 lunations, the Full Moon and New Moons  are the power points of the month, and as such, I am holding live events  for both!  Also,  the 6th of the 7 Pluto/Uranus squares will be in effect for the first 3 weeks!


Here are the HIGHLIGHTS…. mark your calendars!

Dec. 6th-14th The Full Moon, the Great Attractor, and the Pluto Uranus Square!

The  Full Moon is exact December 6th early morning at 14 degrees  Gemini/Sagittarius . This lunation is aligning with what is called the GREAT ATTRACTOR and the Pluto/Uranus square!

Wikipedia defines “The Great Attractor is a gravity anomaly in intergalactic space within the vicinity of the Hydra-Centaurus Supercluster at the center of the Laniakea Supercluster that reveals the existence of a localized concentration of mass tens of thousands of times more massive than the Milky Way. ” WOW!
How exciting is this alignment right at the end 2014!

This Full Moon  is an amazing opportunity to RECEIVE special information from our Cosmic Brothers and Sister if we open to the energy of this Cosmic Dance!the great attractor Think of it as  tuning into a special radio station  with a broadcast just for you! What if you received a special message from your Higher Self? What if you were shown a path, or a piece of information vital to your transformation, or that of our planet! What if this alignment showed you a clear window to your Soul? This is what’s  possible during this Full Moon if you are tuned in! And on the 14th, our  good friends,  Pluto and Uranus  will be meeting up for the 6th of 7 exact squares since 2012! However, you will notice this energy the first few weeks of December as they are very close, or in orb!

Remember, Uranus is about seeking new experiences, something that has not yet been done. He asks you to reach in for your unique soul signature…something only YOU can do! Uranus is about  your special gifts and talents!

creative brainPluto is looking to shine the light on our dark areas,  our unconscious thoughts…… what stops us, what are we afraid of, what are we holding on to that is strangling our creativity and unique expression.  The square  requires a SHIFT in thinking…….what is authentic and genuine within you. This square is like a  2 part process…. looking at what is holding you back ( Pluto)  and, at the same time, looking at  what is Possible (Uranus). You can be straddled on the fence. If you are….this Full Moon is bound to offer you clear insight into how to get to what  IS POSSIBLE!

man on winding road


The road has been long and winding this year, and by March 2015, Uranus and Pluto will complete the 3 year process. Really ask the tough questions…..and  be open to receive the answers and pieces of the puzzle YOU need to make 2015 your best year ever! It is time to embark on the new journey!

Join us  LIVE  for this powerful Full Moon on  Saturday, December 6th. We are tuning our Radios to the Great Attractor Channel!  First, an amazing Horseback ride  from 5 to 6 in Griffith Park, and then a  gathering for a dynamic full moon ceremony in Betty Davis Park @ 6:30 to 8 PM. You can join us for both or just the full moon circle.  For details click here

If you can’t make it be sure to spend some time outside with the Moon and turn your receiver ON!winter solstice with white wolfWhere ever you are…..don’t miss this opportunity to receive!

winter tree

December 21 : The Winder Solstice, The New Moon in Capricorn, and Uranus  Stations Direct!

December 21st will be a truly amazing day as  all 3 of these celestial events take place  within a few hours!

Each aspect on its  own is powerful, but all 3 together will be vavava voom!

First..Uranus Stations direct at 2:45 PM….We know that Uranus is the Great Awakener, and has been in direction conversation with Pluto since June of 2012. He retrograded  July 16th, so in essence… has been taking a bit of a nap the last 6 months!  When he starts back to work on the 21st, be open to receiving   new exciting opportunities and directions! Ones that  you have been imagining and planning, and some that will arrive…. of the blue!

Plans and ideas will take shape….quickly! Go with it when it arrives!

winter solstice full moonThe Winter Solstice 3:30 PM.  There is always an influx of Cosmic Energy during the time of the Solstice.  The Veils are thin and the soil is fertile for planting seeds of your goals and desires.  The Solstice  represent the beginning  of a New Cycle. So we plant and allow the seeds to grow deep roots! (The sprouting of those seeds occur in Spring)  It is the perfect time for reflection, meditation, and connecting to our core! I realize  it is  the middle of the Holiday season.

Bringing Peace and Joy to your events will truly reflect the purpose of the season.

And, you will receive big benefits if you do take the  time to slow down, get still, and listen IN!

The New Moon in Capricorn 5:35 PMnew moon ice
It  is quite unusual for the New Moon to occur at the same time as the Solstice! This is double manifestation power! And, a very clear indication that  a  brand  new cycle begins NOW with a focus on creating stronger, more secure foundations in your life.  A great way to combine these energies is to  incorporate creativity and innovation with  a solid, practical, strategic  action plan! It is the  Perfect time and day to make your goals and intentions for 2015! Think big, Think New, Think AWESOME! It is  The Cosmic New Years Day!

thinkbigA new dynamic cycle  begins today! One which is  authentically  YOU!

I will be holding a live event in Marina del Rey on this very important day to capture the power of this energy and channel it into the New Year!  There will be a meditation, followed by our new moon  intention setting, and  a short review of the important trends in 2015!

Rsvp and I will send the details!

December 23rd ….Saturn Enters Sagittarius@ 8:22 AM

Saturn has been in Scorpio since October 2012, reveling  our deepest and darkest fears and secrets. Now, he begins a  journey through Sagittarius! ( Such an easier energy to work with!) And,  Saturn changing signs is another indicator that things are shifting! He will be in Sag for 2.5 years, with a brief move back into Scorpio this summer. Saturn makes it clear where our  priorities are and where we must commit in some way.  Here are some of the qualities to  focus on while  Saturn is in Sagittarius…

*Seeking to live in accordance with your personal and highest truthlearning

* Committing  more fully to your Spiritual  Practice

* Engaging in a body of study that will deepen your understanding of Universal Truths

* Increasing your tolerance for those different than you

*Redefining your understanding of  “YOUR TRUTH”

* Working with a teacher or mentor….or  teaching and mentoring

* Long distance traveling that leads to your heritage or ancestry


Saturn in Sagittarius  will align with Jupiter in Leo and Uranus in Aries…..creating  POWERFUL  Fire energy  thru out 2015!

This  will support and inspire us to Blaze New TRAILS  in 2015…..One with Heart, Innovation, and Passion!

Stay tuned for my 2015 Forecast…..the Trends, Mercury Retrogrades, the Eclipses…and so much more!

And PS… is going to be a Great Year and a GREAT NEW YOU!

 peace love happiness

Stay Inspired…..Connected…..Empowered!

Peace and Blessings,


PS….Give the Gift of Astrology for the Holiday Season…..What could be better than the gift of insight, clarity, and inspiration in 2015! I will prepare a beautiful  Gift Certificate for your loved ones….Simple…..Green…and will last for the entire Year!

PPS I am available for Holiday Parties! Turn your event into one that your guests will remember for the entire year….mini readings for all ! It is fun and provides a gift of insight for your guests!

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