New Moon Solar Eclipse October 23rd

scorpio image sign

Powerful New Moon Solar Eclipse!

Thursday at 2:57 PM PDT!

O degrees Scorpio

New Moons are always about starting anew in some part of our lives. And,when it is a New Moon Solar Eclipse, it is super charged, and marks the beginning of a New Life Cycle!


Take a moment to think back 19 years ago… (October 25th 1995). This was the last time the New Moon Eclipse occurred at O Scorpio. What was occurring in your life at that time? Where are you being called to go to the next level? We just experienced a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse on Oct 8th. That Full Moon asked us to  let go and end those relationships and situations that no longer support us. Many situations ended….for good!

Now is the time to start down a New Path. One that lights you up and has been seeking to emerge!yellow-brick-road-6 One that you feel Passionate about!  Know it is time to wipe the slate clean and step outside your comfort zone!

Here are a few questions to ponder prior to Thursday.

What’s next for me?

What is my Heart’s desire?

What do a feel passionate about?

What is going to require courage and faith to embark?

How can I use my gifts and talents to empower, teach, and positively effect our changing planet?


The Balsamic moon, (the 3 days prior to  the New Moon) is the perfect time  to ASK for and Receive information and clues. Stay present and grounded. Pay attention to the signs and info you are presented with. It is Guiding you in some way. Just by Being present, awake and aware, you will accelerate your understanding and messages!



And, Remember (how could we forget} Mercury is still Retrograde thru Oct. 25th   Continue to re-view, re-think, re-new and re-energize your new direction!

The time to take action and sort out details will be next week! Go for the Big Vision and Passion in your Heart!

We are entering into the very intense energy of Scorpio,  with the Sun, Moon, Venus, Saturn and Mercury to follow early next  month.  All This  Energy energy will be potent,  powerful, transformational, and with us most of scorpio image 2November.

Here are a few pointers for working with this powerful Scorpio energy…..

This is the energy  of Intensity, Passion and Transformation. It  asks us to step into the unknown and release what we have outgrown—a job, a relationship; a way of seeing ourselves and the world…..whatever has become stifling to our soul. In Scorpio, we learn that there is no death, only transformation. We also eventually realize that letting go is not inherently painful: it‘s the holding on that causes suffering! What is dead in your life? What is ready to be born? This New Moon asks us to root out what is deceitful and detrimental, releasing old habits that no longer reflect our current needs and desires. Scorpio is the sign most concerned with passion and power, temptation and transformation. This is the perfect time to confront what has been hidden or denied, and transform any of our destructive desires and unbalanced ways of relating to others.

beuatiful butterflyjpgAnd, remember, Eclipses are The Universe’s way of putting our  life back on course! Transformation is in the air!

Whatever happens…rethink and review, and take the steps to begin anew (next week)!

The time right before the new moon is the most mystical and magical.  Cosmic guidance is easily available. You only need to slow down and ask IN for guidance! We live in a benevolent universe. Our answers will guide us in our new beginnings and direction! And we have Venus, the goddess of Love,  Money, and Grace, kissing this New Moon Eclipse, so the Divine Feminine will  strongly influence us!

spiritual love angel

                          This is an exciting time! We are creating something new and wonderful!creative brain

And there will be people, places and things we will have to leave behind!

Ultimately it is for the better!


 no dogs bikes beach zan girl

The New Moon Solar Eclipse in Scorpio is exact at 2:57 P.M. PDT  Thursday, October 23rd.

Your ceremony is most powerful at the exact time of the New Moon or right after, not before! You can make your list and prepare ahead of time, but do your official ceremony on or after!

Get clear; set your intentions for a NEW direction!

change next exit



Scorpio is about Empowerment, Change, Crisis Skills, Sex/Soul Mates, Financial Partnerships, and Intense Passion!


So…here we go…..candles



Scorpio Rules Power, Including: Secrets, Psychology, Charisma, and Awareness of others Needs and Motives.



Sample intentions to enhance personal power:

I easily keep secrets!

I completely understand the needs and desires of my significant other.

I always empower my partner in my relationships.


Scorpio Rules Transcendence, Including:

Transformation, Eliminating old “baggage”, Change, Restoration, and Forgiveness.

Samples intentions to encourage easy effortless change:

Positive transformation is occurring in the area of


I lovingly release all old “baggage” from

(my childhood, previous relationships)

I confidently embrace change in the area of

I forgive


I gain power by ceasing to blame others for my circumstances.


Scorpio Rules Crisis, Including: Compulsions, Obsessions, Intense Interactions, Living on the Edge.

Intentions to reduce stress in crisis:

I respond to crisis with clear competent thinking and action.

I release the habit of constantly creating stress and crisis in my life.

I express my intensity in ways that are not threatening to others.


Scorpio Rules Bonding, Including:Learn-to-Love-How-to-Live-Happily-Ever-After-1-mdn

Sex, Soul Mates, Deep Emotional Connection,

Sample Intentions to Cultivate Positive Bonding:

I participate fully in making the sexuality in my relationship with

more passionate!

My soul mate relationship is deep and profoundly transformational!

I open to and allow the perfect Soul Mate relationship to reveal itself with ease and grace!




Scorpio Rules Financial Partnership, Including:

Loans, Taxes, Debts, Grants, Will and Inheritances, Contracts and Business.

Intentions to Successfully Manage Financial Partnerships:

I apply for and received a loan to create my project.

I take action to become debt free in a way that empowers me!

I only use credit cards in a ways that create wealth.

My inheritance comes to me without power struggle with family.

I receive the perfect grant to expand my work.


And Last…but not least, Scorpio Rules the Misuse of Power, Including:

Revenge, Jealousy, Harsh Judgment, Destructive Urges Power Struggles, Abandonment, Suspicion, and Guilt.

Intentions to Help Release any Tendency to Misuse Power:

I release all tendencies to get involved in power struggles.

I release any fear of abandonment.

I release all jealousy and suspicion around my partner

I suspend judgment of others and myself!

I let go of all revenge against


As always, feel free to use these or make up your own.


Here are the guide lines for your New Moon Ceremony.

  1. Start at the exact time 2:58 PM PDT, or AFTER on October 23. You have up to 8 hours after the new moon to really capture full intensity.
  2. Get quiet, center, and make your ceremony sacred!
  3. Write your intentions by hand, not computer.
  4. Your intentions this month are around the natural qualities of Scorpio, and a New Path!
  5. After writing your intentions, take a moment, pause, SEE them actualized, FEEL the energy of them complete. KNOW, TRUST, and EXPECT them to happen!
  6. And most importantly….Connect to YOU…..make this time special and sacred and TRANSFORMATIONAL!!!


Sending you Love, Light, Powerful Transformation and Inspiring New Directions!



Stay Inspired…..Connected…..Empowered


Full Moon Lunar Eclpise Oct 8th @3:51AM

eclipseshotAs we enter October, there will be an opportunity for “The Shift” to happen!

There is always an Ending and  New Beginning when Eclipses are involved. The degree of this Full Moon Full Lunar Eclipse is 15 Aries,  activating the ongoing Uranus  Pluto  square, again illuminating the changes that started in 2012.

The axis of this Full moon,  Sun in Libra (relationships, balance, peace, harmony) opposite  the Moon in Aries ( self expression, action, pioneering new ways) is also conjunct the Nodes, indicating that  a powerful piece of our destiny will be revealed!


We will  SEE  what  to let go of…where we are being self absorb, where we are giving our power away, and where our life is completely out of balance. Time to create Balance for our selves, our relationships, and our planet!balance with rocks


spiritual love angelVenus is close at hand, calling out the Divine Feminine in all conversations and situations. It is time that we empower, protect, and BE in relationships that are equal, balanced, creating win win for both parties, and of course, changing the platform from which we live!  This energy is quite spiritual warriorintense and powerful, and this full moon eclipse will bring up these elements with intensity , passion, and surprise! Be a Spiritual Warrior for YOU and go in the direction of your heart! When this  piece is illuminated, what ever it is,  have the courage to change your response and reaction…. take action from LOVE… and do the RIGHT thing!




It is CROSS ROADS  time….You Choose!change same

We will be holding a powerful Full Moon Circle on Mothers Beach on Oct 7th at 7:30 PM. Come join together with like minded souls and experience this awesome moon energy at the beach. Bring your personal crystals,jewelry, anything you want fired up! We will place it in the Circle.mothers beach

The ceremony is conducted by me and my ceremony partner,  Linda Lightfoot, Healer and Shaman. It will include and astro overview, a special release process, a guided journey meditation,  essential oil opening, and a special tarot card message! All keys to assist you during this special eclipse month!


Please RSPV…space is limited….cost $20( cash only)



It will be a Magical,  Mystical, evening. Join us!

horse full moon

Stay Inspired…Connected….Empowered!

Peace and Blessings


October Overview…Eclipse Month!

Greetings,fall trees

October is Eclipse Month! Another way to look at it is that  we are at the Cross Roads….something is Ending (Full moon Lunar Eclipse) October 8th, and  a New  Soul Guided Direction is Emerging ( Solar New Moon Eclipse October 23rd!)

We have lots of cosmic guidance  to help us navigate this month. Our part is to slow down, Listen In, Ask, and Make Conscience Heart and  Soul guided decisions and changes.

Let me break it down for you…..


October 4th- 25th….Mercury Rx in Scorpio and Libra

We start October with the slow down of Mercury ( our communication planet)….you will feel it and notice it on your computers, phones, and  in other communications….Best Practice is to BE FLEXIBLE, have patience , double check appointments, make adjustments..easily, and back up your electronics on the 1st or 2nd for sure. We all now know the signature effects….so being prepared and understanding what’s happening  is your best defense! And,  remember, there is a Cosmic reason behind the slow down. We all need to SLOW DOWN! Take look at all that has occurred this year! It is a big WOW! So many  changes  have taken place ! Acknowledge where you have been, where you are now, and what continues to call to your heart!

The actual station Retrograde Station  is Saturday, the 4th @ 10:02 AM. This is the 3rd and final Rx of the year, and Mercury  will  travel thru 2 different signs, Scorpio from  the 4th – 10th and Libra from the 10th -25th.

While in Scorpio what you might notice…

*You want  to dive below the surface to get to the bottom of long standing issues or problems…

*You are not satisfied with superficial explanations…you want the truth!

*Misunderstandings bring up old  and wounds…… and an opportunity to heal them!

* Pay attention to what you are passionate  about….now is the time to reconnect and re-examine your passions!

While in Libra…..happy puppiess

* It may be  more difficult to make a decision… take the time to list all the pros and cons… create a win win and follow your heart

* It can be a bit harder to get your  ideas and feelings across in your personal relationships…stay balanced as you communicate.

* Revamp your schedule…. create more balance!

* Try to find common ground in your relationships… this time  is all about Re-Balancing all the areas  of your life, especially relationships!


solar eclipset

October 8th Full Moon Lunar Eclipse Wednesday Oct 8th at 15* of Aries @ 3:51 AM PDT

Eclipses come in pairs, two weeks apart. The Full Moon Lunar  Eclipse indicates an ending, release, and a shift in perception and understanding!  This Lunar Full Moon Eclipse  has very distinctive indicators  that we are at a cross roads. Our destiny is calling. We have the grace of Venus, the female energy of love, protect, and grace involved in this Eclipse, so open your heart, and allow her in to guide you. Also in the background is the fire grand trine, again, inspiration and The Spark that will light our heart! And, lastly, we have Uranus involved…so, best to expect the unexpected. It may be a gentle Cosmic adjustment….all good, and a detail or situation that was hidden, will now  be reveled!  This is an opportunity for genuine understanding and cooperation between party’s and situations  that may have seemed UN-negotiable!

If you are local to LA, please join us for a  Full Moon Circle on Mothers Beach  Tuesday evening the 7th@ 7:30. Eclipse energy is special and powerful! Our  combined energy will amplify our release and intentions! We don’t want to move forward in our lives with baggage…so this is baggage “donation” appointment! 🙂 Come join us!

More details on the Full Moon page shortly!

Oct 23 @New Moon Solar Eclipse 2:57 PDT @  0* Scorpiosolar eclipse

New Moons are always a time to start something New. When you add an an Eclipse …. it is a new Life cycle!

What you may notice now….


* Beginnings are at hand! You  feel as  it is the right time to embark upon a  different path….and  that  path takes on a life of its own!

* You feel Drawn to something ….almost magnetically!

*You know it is time to step out of your comfort zone and into your life in a dynamic way!

* Time to wipe the slate clean, let go of past failures and embark on a new path with passion and purpose!

It is a powerful time….plant your seeds/intentions with great care, compassion, and clarity. Especially use the time of the Balsamic Moon ( the 20th to the 23) to gain insight and inner soul guidance. Work it, write it, meditate on it…ask for it! It will be revealed to you!

We have  Venus, the Sun, and the Moon all lined up at 0 * Scorpio ( a beginning degree). One of the symbols of Scorpio is the Phoenix Rising out of the ashes….transformed…with new wings to Fly…..this is the image to keep close to your heart. We are rising, transformed, and moving into our new Soul directed  life!PhoenixRising

Super exciting….super powerful!

Details  for your ceremony will be posted on the New Moon page shortly!

A few notes to keep close to your heart this month…….

It… is a month of Pivotal Change…a cross roads so to speak!  and,  we have so much Cosmic help to assist us. Venus is traveling close to the Sun all month.. both in Libra and Scorpio,providing easy access to  the Divine Feminine….use her, ask her, pull on her qualities of love, compassion, protection, win/win, support, and  make decisions from the Heart and Soul!cosmic-breath-of-life

We also have the Fire Grand Trine in the background connecting our friend Jupiter in Leo…(expansion and blessings) Uranus in Aries (pioneering new direction) and Mars in Sagittarius…(taking action from the Big Picture, incorporating New Spiritual  Beliefs and Understanding)

Quite a dynamic month….all will look different as we begin November! Take advantage of this time to “Do less” and “Gain more”!yogapose withmoon

And a few Lessons to practice this month from a beautiful native American Book called

  “Listening with your Heart”

” For a second, let it stop: the rush, the deadline, the self-imposed slavery of “must do”

“With each breath out, imagine releasing a pain, an ache, a worry…..

With each breath in, absorb a sense of comfort, a kind word, a memory of the best thing this year”




Love and Light