New Moon in Libra Sept 23 11:14 PM PDT

fall tree 2New Moon in Libra Tuesday  September 23rd

1 Degree Libra

11:14 PM PDT

This New Moon in Libra occurs in the midst of   several powerful astrological events. When this happens , all the energies work together to give us  the perfect support needed to move forward on our paths….as long as we tune IN and work WITH the info we receive during these changes and shifts.

Here are the alignments  leading up to and following shortly after.leaf with heart

*Sunday Sept 21st.……Mars Squares Neptune @8:40 PM. This event happens only once a year and lasts for a few days. When these two planets  make contact you will notice a slow down of your energy. You may feel a bit more tired than normal. This is so you can actually take the time to slow down, and not  miss the subtle and mystical energies present. There is a message here for you! This is the background energy for the next few days! Magically, solutions you never thought of appear and have practical real life applications! (And….you really need to SLOW DOWN and LISTEN IN so you don’t miss them!

*Monday Sept 22nd. 2 events.…...Pluto stations Direct@ 5:34 PM. Pluto went retrograde on April 16th, and has been working hard  at very deep levels.  Now those issues may begin to  bubble up to the surface! Pluto always seeks to transform something in our life. It may look like a revamp or re-purposing of a plan or intention, or, just completely letting go of something dead and gone! With the changing of the seasons, and the New Moon….it is time to move  forward in  NEW, TRANSFORMED WAYS! This energy will be strong and power you up!fall lake 2

**Autumnal Equinox@7:29 PM PDT! Time for Fall in in the Northern Hemisphere and Spring in the Southern! The sign of Libra is always about bringing  balance and  harmony into your life and relationships! Also,  during the Equinox, the veils between worlds are  thin….so timing is  perfect to create and intend where you want to expand in your next 3 months! The new Moon on the 23rd will anchor in all these intentions….so make  your list!



*Tuesday Sept 23rd…..New Moon in Libra @ 11:14 PM  PDT.  Your ceremony is below….but just to highlight, Libra is about bringing peace and balance to all your relationships and of course YOU. Also, please take a moment and send a prayer of   World Peace and balance  to all the volatile world hot spots….Thank You!


*Thursday Sept 25…..Jupiter trines Uranus! This is a fantastic  aspect occurring in Divine perfect order  this week! It happens only every few years….and  not often in Fire Signs!. This is a sure  fire sign of Good Fortune and  Luck! The combo triggers movement that is expansive (Jupiter) and unexpected (Uranus)! It holds for several weeks, so time to get revved up and reengaged in your life in some way! It is exciting! Look at what enters your life now as it holds keys to a most fortunate future occurrence ! Yippee!

Quite an exciting week of shifts and changes!fall trees

 Now….on to your New Moon Ceremony!

Libra rules Marriage, Partnerships, and Interdependence.bird-happiness-while-seating-together

This is the perfect month to focus on your ALL your relationships!

Sample intentions to Inspire Happiness, Harmony and Balance  in Relationships:

I intend to begin a happy committed long term relationship with the perfect partner!

I intend to work with the perfect business partners that are aligned with my values and goals.

I intend to be in a happy, healthy, loving marriage.

I joyfully ignite my marriage with love, passion, respect, and appreciation.

Libra Rules Fairness, Including:

Balance, Equality, and Appreciation of opposite viewpoints:

Sample intentions to promote Fairness and Appreciationfull moon cat and dog

I  intend to understand points of view opposite to my own with an open heart.

I effectively negotiate all situations so that win/win solution prevail.

I intend to stand for equality for all human beings on our planet.

I intend for and hold the space  for world peace!


Libra Rules Harmony, Including:lotus

Peace, Beauty, Art, Music

Sample intentions to enhance harmony:

I intend to create a beautiful, peaceful serene environment at work.

I intend and create beauty and peace in my home.

Art, music and serenity fill my life with blessings.



penguin on dolphinLibra Rules Teamwork, Including:

Giving and receiving support, Collaboration, Supportive Relationships, Cooperation.

Sample intentions to Encourage Teamwork:

I am consciously aware that we are ‘all in this together’ and easily lend my support to others.

I intend to collaborate with

__ in a way that results in a win- win situation.

I am fully supported by my family and business partners, and I return the support!



Libra Rules Refinement, Including:

Luxury, Elegance, Pampering, Good taste, Graceunicorn in floweros

Sample intentions:

I am fully receptive to and appreciative of being pampered by others.

I am filled with the energy of grace and elegance as I move though my daily life.

I am consciously aware of the beauty and grace in each moment.


Libra Also Rules Loss of Self- Identity, Including:

Codependency, Appeasing behaviors, Indecision, Aimless Debate.

Sample intentions to Strengthen Self Identity

I release the compulsion to like, and be liked by everyone!

I release compulsion to gain peace at any price.

I release all paralyzing indecision and make the perfect decisions for me at all times!


Here is the 411 on the RULES for your New Moon ceremony.


  1. Start at the exact time….11:14 PM  PDT Sept 23rd or AFTER. You have up to 8 hours to really capture the full intensity.
  2. Get quiet, center, and make your ceremony sacred!
  3. Write your 10 intentions by hand, not computer.
  4. Your intentions this month are around the natural qualities of Libra and your Equinox 3rd quarter plans.
  5. After writing, read out loud, announcing them to the universe! Take a moment to SEE them happening, EXPECT them to happen…and get excited about it…then just ALLOW it all to unfold!
  6. And, most importantly…have Fun, Get Creative, Ignite your passion, Stand Strong, and always follow your Hearts Desire!


Until next New Moon,

Wishing you peace, harmony, grace, elegance, beauty, great partnerships,

lots of love and laughter, and an effortless transformation!!!

Peace and Blessings


PS….Please join me in Santa Fe in October…see details on the Santa Fe Retreat page!


September Overview!

Happy Birthday Virgo’s!virgo sign

As we enter  September, we will be FEELING the energy of Virgo, since we have 3 planets transiting in this sign  at the moment……Mercury, how we think and communicate, Venus, what we love and our $, and of course, the Sun, our energy and vitality!


Virgo turns our attention to the Details in life…those small acts and decisions that we make many times a day.  Those  SMALL choices that make a BIG   difference.  Additionally, Virgo is the sign that rules our health, and  at its   highest vibration,  being of service!  It is in these small details that we create and  manifest  that which is our vision and goal. By paying attention to our daily thoughts, habits, and small details, we can, on a daily basis, turn the deep grooves of our negative thought patterns around!


All this wonderful Virgo energy is here to help us  establish  our new Daily  practices, healthy  routines, and  attend to the little details, as the new direction of our live’s emerge!!

Here are a few suggestions to help  implement new daily practices  at the beginning of this month that align with the Cosmic Energy!elethant and cat

* Pay it forward!   Do something nice on a DAILY bases…as simple as giving a compliment,  extending a hand or  hug to someone in need, or buying a cup of coffee for the guy behind you!

*Put some type of simple exercise into your DAILY  routines…. take a walk, catch a sunrise or sunset out in nature! (Try   paddle board yoga!)

* Eat or drink something super nutritious and healthy…. DAILY! (I love super food by Dr Schultz!)

* Pay attention to your thoughts…Replace a negative thought pattern with a positive one…DAILY (write out the new belief so you have it handy to negate the old!)

These simple small DAILY acts will add up to a new  healthy  YOU before you  know it!

Remember….Virgo shows  us ” Life is in the details”….and…. “Small Things Matter!”


Now on to the Key events for the  Month!

September 8th at 6:30 PM ……...Full Moon in full moon

This is the 5th of the 5 Super Moons this year and is known as the Harvest Moon.! Join us for a Full Moon Ceremony and Horseback Ride in Griffith Park on Sunday Sept 7th….  see the full moon page and contact me directly for all the details!

September 13th…Mars Moves into Sagittarius  and will remain there until Oct 26th.  He will join forces at the end of the month and the first part of October with Jupiter in Leo, and Uranus in Aries creating  a Fire Grand Trine! Yippee!

This is what you will notice…

*Fire signs are dynamic, lively and spirited. So, when there is this kind of emphasis upon them, it brings a fiery, exciting kind of energy to the air.

*Things happen quickly…breakthroughs, decisions, actions, and connections!creative brain

*You may feel quite courageous and ready to take a risk or tackle a big project.

*The momentum of your life increases is some way!

*Synchronicities occur often and in crazy ways!

* You have greater enthusiasm and faith things will work out!

Overall life feels exciting, dynamic, and intriguing!

September 22th….Big Day!

At 5:34 Pm PDT Pluto goes Direct! He has been sleeping since April 14th. So, we have all burned away plenty of Karma during his nap, and now, we are ready to move forward, clear and  powered up!

“The Sacred use of Pluto is to use whatever power you have to empower others!”…… Joseph Cambell! Love this!

At 7:29 PM PDT The Sun  Enters Libra…. the Autumnal Equinox! This is always a time when the veils between worlds are thin, and availability to  connect  to the invisible world of Spirit offers easy access. The day and night are of equal length! Time to offer prayers of  gratitude  for the beautiful summer days past, and prepare for  fall and the harvest time, as the days become shorter,  the nights longer, and a certain chill and scent fill the air!

September 23rd….New Moon in Libra @11:14 PM…Time to establish Balance and Beauty in all our relationships! ( more details to follow)

And last but not least…..preparing for October!

On October 4th Mercury goes Retrograde for the 3rd and final time this year in the mysterious, penetrating and magnetic sign of Scorpio! He  is Rx until October 25th, so be sure to back up computers now, book any and all important dates and appointments for October, and make necessary major purchases this month! You will be so glad you did!  We also have 2 Eclipses next month, sandwiched in between the Retrograde time.

Eclipses are Cosmic Wild Cards, so there will be an unpredictable air thru out the eclipset

The Lunar Full Moon Eclipse  is on  October 8th at 15 degrees of Aries, and on the 23rd a Solar New Moon Eclipse at @ O Scorpio! More on all of this next month, but I just wanted to give you a heads up!

The beauty of astrology is that it allows us to be prepare….so please take note and make plan accordingly!

And as a final note…..My Spiritual Retreat to the Land of Enchantment, Santa Fe New Mexico, October 19th – 23 has a few spaces available.santefe

Please let me know asap, so all plans can be made and details finalized  prior to the Merc Rx !It is going to be an awesome retreat….be prepared to be renewed and  transformed!

Join me in Santa Fe!



Sending much Love and Light


Stay Inspired….Connected…..Empowered





Full Moon In Pisces September 8th @ 6:38 PM

full moon and tree

Full Moon Harvest Moon  in Pisces exact at 6:38 PM  Monday September 8th!

This is the 5th of the 5 Super Moons this year!  It is  called  Super, as she is at a point in her orbit closest to the earth,  also called Perigee.  The  SuperFull moon will have stronger than normal gravitational  pull  on earth, so you may feel Super  emotional a few days  before and after….so make note!

Also, this is called the Harvest Moon, because it is the Full Moon nearest the Autumnal  Equinox (September 22nd).

Each Full Moon brings an increased emphasis and awareness to some area of our lives based on the signs it is in. This spiritual love angelmonth we have the Sun in  Virgo opposite the moon in Pisces. These could be considered the most Spiritual of the Signs, as Pisces rules our Spiritual beliefs, devotion, and the mystical side of life, and Virgo rules the small every day details that have  us ” walk our talk”  and be of service in a most practical way. There is an opportunity this Full Moon to re-align our everyday life with our spiritual principles, tuning into and BEING at  the highest expression of ourselves!

Pretty awesome!jupiter lady luckj

We also have several additional aspects occurring that connect to and honor the divine Feminine!It is time to bring her qualities into our work, homes, and every day affairs…..She is looking to heal us, guide us, and allow our brilliant qualities to shine and turn all we touch into gold! During this Full Moon, ask for Her guidance and direction, and be open to receiving a powerful yet gentle,  loving  encounter.




2014 is the Year of the Horse, and my Ceremony partner, Linda Lightfoot, Horsewoman and Healer,  and I  are doing a beautiful Full Moon Ride and ceremony in Griffith Park on Sunday the 7th @ 5:30 PM. This will be a 1 hour easy ride followed by a beautiful ceremony! Please contact me if you are interested  in attending asap, as we must reserve your horses. I will forward all the specifics directly to you!whitehorses

Enjoy this Mystical Pisces Full Moon, and join us in celebrating the Majesty and  Power of the Horse!horse full moon

 Stay Inspired….Connected…..Empowered!

Peace and Blessings,