New Moon in Virgo August 25th 7:13 AM PDT

yellow-brick-road-6 Greetings Cosmic Artists!

The Stage is Set for an extraordinary cosmic gathering at the time of this New Moon in Virgo on August 25th!  This is an exciting and powerful alignment designed to assist us in answering the call of our heart and destiny! The planets involved, all at 17 degrees, are Uranus in Aries, Mercury in Virgo, and Saturn conjunct Mars in Scorpio. They will be forming a configuration called a Yod, better known as the finger of God or Fate in Astrology! Additionally, we have the Sun and Moon in Virgo at 3 degrees (A New Moon), opposing Neptune, (Spirit) in Pisces! Wow….! How lucky are we to have such an alignment at this most critical time on our planet!


Let me break it down for you …..road less traveled

We all have been working very hard the last 6 to 9 months during the Grand Cross energy to make changes, release what holds us back, and embark on new directions.

Each month the New Moon is a chance to wipe the slate clean and start anew in some area of our life. The axis of this New Moon is Virgo/ Pisces. At the highest level of vibration it is asking us to ground and walk the path of service, ( Virgo)  integrating and listening to our highest self and Spiritual guidance, ( Pisces!)


The Yod at this new Moon is asking us to clear out or change something in our life that is keeping us from moving forward in some way. This simply means “ do that thing” you very likely know you must, but have been avoiding! More than likely it will have the qualities that involve your health, nutrition, exercise, meditation,  and your spiritual practice….. Those behaviors and habits we do on a daily basis. It is that THING you know you need to do…but just keep putting off!

This Yod will ADJUST something for You! It will be a Cosmic Boost!spiritual love angel

It will give us the  gift of Clarity, Courage, Motivation, and Enthusiasm to walk our personal and collective paths! The timing of the Virgo New Moon/ Yod couldn’t be more perfect! It directs us to take inventory of our lives, impelling us to harvest our talents and release what is not in alignment with our soul’s intention and purpose.

A little bit more about Virgo….meditation

She deals with perception of patterns and the quest for refinement, integration, and wholeness. Her sacred task is to identify and rectify imbalances between body, mind, and spirit.

She prompts us to remember our divine origins and the roles we choose to play at this critical time on our beautiful planet Earth.

This Virgo New Moon with all its aspects this month asks us to:

Simplify our lives….

Dedicate ourselves to what’s important….

Be mindful of what goes thru our mind…

What we are thinking, we are broadcasting..

Entertain new ways of looking at ourselves and our world….

What needs to be released so you can be of greater service and add your own “Secret Sauce “to the world?


And I love this quote ….. High vibration Virgo!

“Work is love made visible” Kahlil Gibran…

Spend time during the Balsamic moon phase… (3 days prior to the new moon, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday) and ponder your different life situations. Keep uppermost in your mind that YOU chose! That it IS time! That you have everything you need to engage these mystical and transformational energies directly and consciously! You will benefit greatly from doing so. The energy of Mars conjunct Saturn in Scorpio will empower you to take command of any situation. Mars will mobilize great spiritual power to help you achieve your highest goals, BUT… you must come from a very high level of integrity and intention for this to happen!spiritual warrior

Mercury in Virgo will give you a blue print…a plan…to execute and know how to proceed with your new ideas. It will be clear, practical, and efficient!


The New Moon in Virgo is exact at 7:13 AM PDT, Monday August 25th.

Remember, do your ceremony at the exact time or AFTER……NOT BEFORE. You can make your lists and prepare… But…….., do your ceremony after!

And, as a reminder, New Moons occur every 29 1/2 days when the Moon aligns with the Sun in each of the 12 signs. It is a natural time of new beginnings. The ancients used the timing of the moon as a way of life, from planting to sowing to celebrating. New Moons are about starting anew. This month we honor and work with the qualities of Virgo…..and the Powerful amazing Yod configuration!

Virgo Rules Service, including:

Being of Service, Practical helpfulness, purity of intent, willingness to adapt.

Sample Intentions:

I consciously feel great satisfaction from being of service in my work.

I love doing my part to establish calm and peace in my environment.

I am consciously aware of my intention to benefit others and do so with love and joy in my heart!

Virgo Rules physical health, including:healthy summer food

Diet, exercise, weight control, healing.

Sample Intentions to enhance physical health and healing

I consume only those foods that nurture and rejuvenate my body.

I love exercising my body every day of the week, and I do so with enthusiasm and joy!

I am the perfect weight and I have vibrant health!

Virgo Rules Work, including:

Jobs, work projects, co-workers and structured routines.

Sample Intentions:

I am working in the perfect job for me, now!

I intend to complete ALL work projects with a minimum of stress and a maximum of efficiency and JOY!

My daily routine allows for plenty of time for work, play and family.

I release all resistance to hard work!

Virgo Rules Creative Organization, including:

Orderly environments, handling details, efficiency planning.

Sample Intentions:

My home and office are  neat, organized and easy to maintain!

I happily pay my bills on time!

All paper work and filing systems flow easy, efficiently, and  up to date!

Virgo Rules Discrimination, including:

Analysis, critical thinking, focus, discernment.

Sample Intentions:

I analyze problems and reach creative, productive, happy, results!

I accurately discern what is important and what is not in all situations.

I effectively respond to external crisis without inner tension.

Virgo Rules Synthesis, including:

Desire for perfection, processing, bringing order to chaos.

Sample Intentions:

I release my desire for perfection, knowing all is unfolding in DIVINE perfect right order!

I see, know and accept good fortune when it comes to me.

I intend to focus on what is Right and Happening Currently in my life rather than what I perceive to be wrong.

I know and intend that my cup is ALWAYS  full, with more than enough to give!

Virgo also rules excessive perfectionism, including:

Worry, criticism, blame, judgment, and workaholic tendencies.

Sample Intentions to curb perfectionism:

I Release self-defeating tendencies of perfectionism.

I Release the habit of obsessive worry, and replace it with trusting in divine guidance and perfect right order!

I Release the compulsion to “fix others”, allowing them to be exactly who they are!

I Let Go of the compulsion to “be right”.

I intend to live my life in the flow, always in balance!

These sample intentions are to help stimulate your own creative process, so be sure to listen to your heart when writing your intentions and desires, and feel free to include your own!

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Here is the 411 for your New Moon Intentions and Ceremony.

1. Start your ceremony at the exact time, which is 7:13 AM PDT on Monday August 25th. You have up to 8 hours to capture the full intensity of New Moon power.

2. Get quiet, center, and make your ceremony sacred.candles

3. Write your 10 new intentions by hand, not computer.

4. Your Intentions this month are around the natural qualities of Virgo and this powerful YOD destiny configuration.

5. After writing your 10 intentions, read them out loud. Take a few minutes to SEE …FEEL… BELIEVE……and KNOW! Spirit Express will deliver to your address!

6. Most importantly….. get connected to YOU, Your Power, Your Grace, Your Gifts! Trust the Universal Process and the Invisible Hands of Spirit to open  you up to your destiny!

 Happy Yod…

To our destiny’s!

heros journey

Peace and Blessings



August Full Moon in Aquarius/Leo


Full Moon in Aquarius/Leo Exact at 11:09 AM PDTfull moon tides August 10th

We are set this month to Begin our Hero’s Journey, knowing we will be  starting, pausing, making adjustments, and reconfiguring our plans along the way! The Full Moon in August will absolutely assist us. It is the set  up for the Special, Powerful Yod New Moon! ( see Cosmic Currents August for details)

Full moons allow for details that are hidden from view to be illuminated…..always in a good way. Remember, information is power,  and knowing what is not working,  as well as what  is, gives us a clear starting point!

This full moon is a catalyst for the Powerful  New Moon Yod on August 25th, so be sure to  LISTEN in and ASK for guidance. Full moons are  in power for 2 days ahead and 2 days after, so tune in to the MOONLIGHT channel and be awake and aware of all synchronicity and subtleties occurring. Intend for clarity to be revealed!


This is  one of the five Super Full Moon this year. The technical term is “At Peigee”,  meaning orbiting  closest to the Earth, so it will appear larger than usual, and its gravitational pull will be stronger…so note, EMOTIONS will also be super strong.


The Astro details…road less traveled

The moon  is in the Sign of Aquarius opposite  the Sun in Leo. We also have Mercury and Jupiter in the Sign of Leo.  Additionally, we have the in-conjunct between Saturn in Scorpio and Uranus in Aries. This is a very tight configuration,  all planets being between 16 and 18 degrees……meaning energy is intense!

So….lets break it down….

Sun and Mercury in Leo….living and speaking from the Heart,  Being our Unique Creative Self , shining our special light with open Hearted Love and Creativity!

Aquarius represents  the power of community and collaboration, along with our hopes and dreams for ourselves and our planet! Our work is to integrate these two energies so we have the best of both!

The Square to Saturn in Scorpio is about breaking down old structures, beliefs and fears that continue to hold our Light back, and putting in solid strong foundations.

The  Sextile of Uranus in Aries to the Sun and moon, and in-conjunct to Saturn in Scorpio is really about embarking on a New Yellow Brick road of our Life….one that is the Road Less Traveled, and the one that makes our heart sing!


What we can pull  from this Full Moon is Strength, Courage,  Determination,Enthusiasm, and Confidence to slay the Dragons of our minds, blocks, and hurtles  and become the Hero in our own Hero’s Journey, a path of joy, purpose, and fulfillment!cat lion

For those of you who are Local, Please join me and  Amazing Healer Linda Lightfoot at Mothers Beach in Marina del Rey for a powerful ceremony that will illuminate what  to release, and your next step! We have all kinds of goodies  planed for the event, including riding the  Water Taxis around the Marina to howl, and play as we  conclude our ceremony! We do have limited space, so please rsvp asap to reserve your spot and I will send you all the details! Price is $22.00


Looking forward to Howling, Playing and Creating with you!wolf howling at full moon57

And the Journey Begins…..



Love and Light


August Overview

Greetings,amazing sunset on road

August is set to be  very  special and cosmically designed for moving into and owning our new life path!. (Yippee!)

We have discovered what to let go of, what is not working, and  have  creatively negotiated  win win solutions to our challenging situations! Now we are  set to  begin our Heroes Journey  on the  path of heart and destiny.  August is where the petal meets the metal! Exciting! And, just a a point of reference….YOU are the HERO on this Journey!



heros journey


Now for the Cosmic  Currents …….

Several  shifts in July set the stage for us…and in August they will continue……

First….Jupiter in Leo….living from the HEART….creating and Being on our life’s path or Hearts Desire.

(July 16th  for 13 months!)

Second…. After  spending 9 months in the sign and energy of Libra (balancing our relationships…creating win win solutions)  Mars  has now moved into the Passionate, Powerful, Spiritual Warrior energy of Scorpio!

(July 25th – 9/13. Scorpio rules Mars…so  double intensity!)spark to flame

Here we have the light  (Mars in Scorpio) that sparks the Flame of the Heart (Jupiter in Leo)!  They are in very close contact for most of the month so the fires will stay lit as we begin our Heroes  Journey on our Destiny Path!

Third… we have Saturn in Scorpio in a close quincunx, or  ( 150 degree angle) to our friend and innovator Uranus in Aries ( also fire and water) This Pattern will have us make adjustments, anchor, and ground  new innovative ideas and approaches!!

( This aspect is  holding  thru August and September)

New projects or situations  that started moving forward  last month when Saturn went direct will need a little tweaking and adjusting. As a note….Best Practice is to complete, release,  and just  let go of any  situation that feels stuck, old, and dead!  Follow open doors and the energy of LOVE!  This month is akin to Sailing…. We are setting our course, planning our journey, and as we get started and actually  are  on the water, we have to make adjustments for the wind, sea, and the weather.full moon with shiip

Our  personal Journey is the same…….Course charted….and how we travel to our destination  will ebb and flow with the Cosmic Currents and how well  we attune to the energetic subtlety’s!

Additionally, we have 7 Void of Course Moons each longer than 15 hours! This is really unusual!

When the moon is void of course, it means she will not make any  aspects until she enters the next sign, ….she is in the Void!  Normally,  the moon changes signs  every 2.5 days and these changing periods usually last anywhere from  a few minutes to a few hours.  So, to have so many long void of course moon times in one month  is quite unusual.  And it is definitely something to be aware of as you plan your month and make decisions!  These Void of Course times will feel very much like a mini retrograde!  Watch out for misunderstandings, feeling spacy, being a bit scattered, and not able to stay focused! The Cosmic intention is to have us pause,  breathe, and INNER course correct! We are learning a new way to BE in the world, and this is an initiation month!

Dates for the VoC moons,  August1-2; 4-5; 6-7;12-13; 21-22; 24-25; 29-30. Best to mark your calendar!

And, this is what it will feel like with the Saturn/ Uranus  quincunx and the 7 void of course  moons.

stop goWe start… then need a pause to course correct…..start….pause…..start….pause… .all building up to a super powered YOD New Moon  on the 25th! Will we be learning  the art of patience and  listening IN.

So, what is a YOD? This is a unique configuration between at least 3 planets where two of them are 60 * apart and the 3rd one is 150 * from each of them.  This configuration is  called the Finger of God because it is  an aspect associated with fate and destiny!

The Yod (fate) in this months  New Moon chart (new Beginnings)  actually involves 4 planets: Uranus at 16 Aries, making 150 to Saturn conjunct Mars at 17 Scorpio, and Mercury is in 17 Virgo. This is a very tight or close configuration (orb) which increases the intensity of its influence, and it suggests that there is an urgency and special significance of the cosmic message of this New Moon!  I will be holding a live telecast at the exact time of the New Moon , August 25th 7:00 AM PDT! This energy is really important to understanding your  work.

August  10th….Super Full Moon in Aquarius/Leo !  This is one of the 5 Super moons this year and involves both Saturn and Uranus. It will be powerful and intense energy and will focus on our hopes and dreams, our individual creative expression, our courage and our strength to start our Hero’s Journey!  We  will be holding  a full moon circle/Release/ Ceremony at Mothers Beach in Marina del Rey on Saturday August 9th at 8:00 PM. Please RSVP if you want  like to attend,  spaces are limited! ( More moonlight  details will be coming shortly!)full moon heron

August 25th ….Amazing YOD  New Moon in Virgo….This is the highlight of the month, and this aspect   is very special and rare! I Believe the entire month builds up to this point. As I said above, I will be holding a special live early morning teleconference…..details to follow shortly!

August 11-13th…..And, last but not least, we will be having a beautiful Perseids Meteor Shower.  These Meteors have been making their way here for many years….and to have them arrive at such the perfect time is amazing! We won’t be able to see them well because of the Light of the Full Moon….but go out and play, and  receive your message of Light….sent to your from your higher self or one of your Galactic friends!perseid-meteor-kingham-620


This  is a super packed, amazing month as we embark with courage, strength and vitality  on our Hero’s Journeys!

Exciting, a bit scary, and completely aligned with The Cosmic Currents and Divine Timing!

   Sending Love and Light