New Moon in Leo July 26 @3:42 PM


Greetings Cosmic Artist!shoot for mooninspirational-quotes-tumblr


Wow, this new moon in Leo is special, dynamic, and seriously has SUPER power! I am stoked about it and I know you will be too! Here’s why…..Jupiter just shifted into Leo, and this new moon will be conjunct (or kissed) by this graceful, abundant planet of expansion, growth, and blessings! It is rare to have Jupiter in such close proximity to the new moon, so really, this is such the perfect time to plant your seeds of new dynamic and heart felt direction. We have all endured dramatic change, and now, the tides have turned! Please take the time on Saturday to begin newly in the direction of your heart! Your destiny is calling you!


This New Moon arrives on Saturday July 26th at 3:42PM, PDT. Remember, it is very important to do the ceremony at the exact time or AFTER…. NOT BEFORE.

Just as a reminder, New Moons occur every 29 ½ days when the moon align with the sun in each of the 12 signs. It is a natural time of new beginnings. The ancients used the timing of the moon as a way of life, from planting to sowing to celebrating. New moons are about starting anew. Be clear, set your intentions around the natural qualities of Leo, and remember to Dream BIG, Plan Big, Play Big and intend BIG!cat lion


Leo Rules the Heart Connections, Including: Romance, Children, Dating, and Intense Love Encounters.Learn-to-Love-How-to-Live-Happily-Ever-After-1-mdn

Sample Intentions to encourage personal Love:

I joyously create a feeling of romance and play in my relationship with


I easily find myself reentering the dating scene in a way that is successful and pleasurable for me!

I attract the perfect loving romantic soul mate, NOW!

Leo Rules Creativity, Including: Enthusiasm, Creative Projects, Artistic Expression, Passion, and Self-actualization!


Sample Intentions:

I begin each day with enthusiasm and joy!

I am filled with new creative ideas in my work and projects!

I am involved in projects that evoke my passion and vital interest!

Leo Rules Pleasures and Celebration, Including: Fun, Play, Games, Parties, Vacation and taking risk for excitement.

Sample Intentions:

I intend to do one thing daily that brings me pleasure.

I easily find myself taking risks that bring joy and vitality into my life!

I always find myself consciously taking time to play and enjoy life!


Leo Rules Determination, Including: Self Confidence, Radiance,


Leadership, Stamina, Strength of purpose, and Concentrated Focus.                                                 grow big

Sample Intentions:

I truly am confident in all areas of my life!

I easily take the perfect right actions that lead to the desired result.

I release any underlying tendency to sabotage the successful fulfillment of my heart’s desires!


And last but not least, Leo Rules Giving Love, Including: Loyalty, Generosity, Encouragement and Kindness.

Sample Intentions:

I intend to express myself in ways that others KNOW I love them.heart in sand76cbd777c025c46547433ddc8a6d810

I always give love, support, and approval to those I love, no matter what!

I intend to give others the benefit of the doubt.


As always, feel free to use these or make up your own!



So, here is the 411 on the RULES for your New Moon ceremony.candles

  1. Start at the exact time…3:42 PM PDT Saturday July 26 or after. You have up to 8 hours to really capture the full intensity of a new moon.
  2. Get quite, center, and make your ceremony sacred!

3. Write your 10 intentions… hand….not computer.

4.Your intentions/desires this month are around the natural qualities of Leo.

5.After writing your intentions, take a moment to see them completed, feel what it would be like to have          completed them, and most importantly, KNOW that the Universe will deliver them to you! Expect it!

And….most importantly….Have Fun, Get Creative and Ignite your Passion and Hearts Desire!

Until next New Moon,

Here’s wishing you all the Love, Laughter, Passion, and Pleasure you can give… and receive!Spiritual-flamboyant-3254181-1024-768






Cosmic Currents July 20-31

creativityGreetings…..and, the shift continues…….a very dynamic week it is, and the end to a month of  new directions!

Last week on the 16th,  Jupiter,the beautiful planet of expansion and blessings, moved out of  Cancer into Heart Centered Leo! I am so thrilled about this shift as it dissipates the Grand Cross energy, and moves us into implementing our new ideas and directions! Yippee!

Sunday the 20th…….Saturn turns direct  at 16 degrees of Scorpio! ( He has been Rx since March 2)  This means  any big projects or situations that have been stalled will  now move forward with new structures in place!

Monday the 21st….Uranus goes retrograde in Aries until 12/21. It is very interesting that just as Saturn goes direct, Uranus, goes Rx. What you can look for is this… may get a sudden insight or idea that firms up the new project, and is the perfect info and just what you needed. It is really important to LISTEN IN for these amazing insights….for sure you will receive them…just be open and ask! And, in the nature and style of Uranus, it will be unexpected, out of the blue, radical and PERFECT! 🙂lightbuld inhand

Tuesday the 22nd…..The Sun Moves into Leo. This is particularly exciting, as it will conjunct ( or Kiss ) Jupiter who just moved into Leo. Sun /Jupiter  is such a shift of energy. It is time for fun,  creativity, heart centered expression, and play!

Friday the 25th….Mars shifts into Scorpio until 9/13! Finally!! Having been in Libra for almost 9 months,working to  balancing our relationships,  he moves on into the sign of mystery, passion, and intensity! Look for ways to use the focus and power of Mars in Scorpio to empower you and others….in other words….take the high road!

Saturday the 26th ….New Moon in Leo at 3:42 PM PDT! This is going to be a particularly powerful  new moon as we have the partnership of Jupiter to propel new creative beginnings! ( I will be sending out my new moon ceremony shortly so keep an  eye out for it!) So, this is the Sun, Moon, and Jupiter all in Leo!

Thursday July 31st….Mercury joins the Leo Party, also shifting into this fun, creative , abundant energy, so you will notice a shift in how we all are thinking and talking! This is a  WOWOWOW for Leo energy!

I am so happy that finally,leo mystical the tides ( or planetary influences) are moving in a new direction! We still will have 2 more hits of the Pluto/ Uranus square, Dec 14th and the last one in March 2015. So, as we start out on our  new directions, remember the lessons we learned the last 6 months….and stay on the high road to your new creative life path!

And when in doubt, Choose the direction that makes your heart happy, one that is New, Unique, and Different!

We can take a page from Steve Jobs……Think Different!think different



And….this sums it up for Leo and Heart  centered work…..steve jobs quotes

Lets do what we LOVE with those We LOVE to work with!

Peace and Blessings




Jupiter into Leo July 16th @3:30 AM PDT!


Jupiter, the largest planet in our solar system, and the one that brings Expansion, Joy, Grace, and Abundance

shifts into the Regal Sign of Leo

The Courageous Heart Centered Lion on July 16th for a year!



This will be a significant shift of energy out of the Water Element Cancer and

Into the Fire, Passion, Desire, and Self Confidence of Leo!

leo mystical

The house Jupiter in Leo enters in your natal soul print will pin point exactly where you have the greatest opportunity for growth, blessings, and Lady Luck to visit for an entire year!jupiter lady luckj

This shift is so exciting! And, by working WITH this Jupiter transit, you will know exactly what, when and where to expect blessings, growth and LUCK! I am doing mini Jupiter readings, so please contact me directly to book your 20 minute session for $44!


More on the nature and qualities of Jupiter ( my favorite planet 🙂 )

Jupiter is the biggest planet in our solar system and is the ruler of good fortune and happiness! Jupiter brings hope, honesty, spirituality, and compassion to our soul print and is known as the fortuitous planet because it expands or creates opportunities  in whatever area it touches as it moves thru our charts. Additionally, Jupiter brings broad vision, a comprehensive  inclusive feeling toward others, faith, optimism, loyalty, justice, confidence and wisdom both to your natal chart and to the sector it is visiting. Jupiter paints a broad picture and makes you want to Think Big!!


Traditionally known as the “Great Benefic” Jupiter was thought to produce nothing but good, and indeed a Jupiter transit is very beneficial. Life seems to flow more easily, and whatever you set out to do usually succeeds just as you intended!

Jupiter energy expands everything it touches! He is the ruler of wealth and tangible, solid financial gains, and is the giver of gifts and luck! money At the same time, Jupiter rules philosophy, philanthropy, scholarships, and all academic pursuits, ethics and morality, religions of all cultures, and medicine (also called the great healer) , as well as government services for the purpose of setting standards for the good of the whole community. And finally, Jupiter encourages long- distance travel, and rules the publishing industry as well as the judicial system. airplane-for_160415




Jupiter takes 12 years to circle thru the zodiac, is the natural ruler of Sagittarius, and, while in your sign for one year, it will be a year of bountiful luck!human-emotion-happiness-1

The house that Jupiter transits indicates the area of life that will be expanding and growing in the coming year. The fire sun signs of Leo, Sagittarius, and Aries will benefit significantly, as well as the Air sun signs of Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius. And, everyone has Leo in some sector of their charts, and that is the area that will be visited and blessed by this benevolent giant!

The Leo Qualities Jupiter will be reveling this year!

Leo is the second fire sign of the zodiac and is social and gregarious! He thrives on creativity, individuality and self- expression….and loves to be in the spot light and the center of attention.spotlight

This will be such a different energy for us to experience as compared to last year when Jupiter was in Cancer and involved in the grand cross dynamic. This energy shift will encourage our personal creativity and heart felt self-expression to shine! Leo is all about The Heartworldlove….and that is what will open and grow this year as we follow a New Path , a Heart Path to our Souls calling and Destiny that will be reveling itself to us in a most grand way at this most amazing time on our planet!



                                                                         Get Ready to Dance with Destiny!

happiness beach                                                                                                  Love and Light



Full Moon July 12th @ 4:30 AM

fullmoonin purpleGreetings,

Our full moon this month is at 20degrees of Capricorn/ Cancer and will be forming a final Grand Cross aspect with  our friends Uranus, Pluto,  Mars and Jupiter! This has been a very powerful, dynamic energy  for us all, and many changes have occurred on all levels  in our work, homes, jobs, and personal self expression in the past 6 months.  This full moon will “illuminate” any situation that has not yet been revealed, or one that continues to hang on…..and allow us to address it, heal it, and release it….for good…….so we have Smooth  Sailing as we embark on our new, exciting, journeys!full moon with shiip

The month started off a bit slow, but that will begin to shift quickly after this  this full moon.  The Cosmic Intention  of this Grand Cross was  to put us on a new path…one that fulfills our personal destiny.  It has not be easy going…but it has been  necessary to get us re-directed! Grace, gratitude,  acknowledgement and appreciation for all the work we have done will  go along way now. Take a moment for YOU!

Here is the run down of the  power packed shifts happening this month:

July 16th..Jupiter into passionate, fiery,  creative,  heart center Leo. Time to follow our hearts and desires!

July 20th..  Saturn stationing Direct in Scorpio,returning to forward movement with new solid  structures in place!

July 21st…Uranus turns Retrograde … be open to receiving flashes of profound insights and new ideas!

July 25th….Mars leaving  Libra after  9 long months and shifting  into powerful intuitive  Scorpio.

So, as you can see, the time is NOW to let the past and old ways of being and doing GO….

We have Cosmic support to move  forward and create a world that works for us all!cosmic moon

Please join me in person at Mothers Beach, Marina del Rey on Saturday July 12 for a Full Moon Release Circle.

If you can’t make it in person, please be sure to have your own release ceremony, and plant those  seeds of new direction!

I am also offering Special Jupiter into Leo  mini astrology readings this month to assist  in your growth and expansion!

Contact me for details on either!


Onward and Upward….shoot for mooninspirational-quotes-tumblr




July 2014 Overview

Greetings  Cosmic Artist!

This month is about Freedom and Moving forward!

black horse wide

I love this quote…..

Turn your face to the sun and the shadows fall behind you” Maori Proverbdolphin sun

The Cosmos is  perfectly aligned to do just that! Jupiter,  planet of grace, expansion and blessings  is moving into the firey  sign of Leo (ruled by the Sun) ! This shift  happens  on July 16th and will remain for one year! Yippee!

It is time to move into and live from our hearts with  passion, creativity and just plain ole fun!the_feel_of_jupiter_by_qaz2008-d4v2c1b

I am doing  Special Jupiter Readings this month to identify your specific area of growth and blessings!  Contact me for the details! I am super excited about this shift.  I  know it will ignite  our dreams and intentions  and get us   into action! Jupiter has a 12 year cycle. He has not been in this position since 2012…so, take advantage of this special time of growth. This is the beauty of working WITH Astrology aspects!

Here is the run down for the month so you can mark your calendars. And, I  will be sending weekly details and highlights

July 1….Mercury goes direct!  This is a  big YEA! We have been in the Re-mode for the last 3 weeks. And now, finally, it is time to move forward with  new insights and decisions. Please,  give yourself a few days before you make your moves  as energy is still a bit  unstable.

July 12th….  Full Moon in Capricorn /Cancer @ 20 degrees. This full moon will be forming in the grand cross energy, so it will be our final final opportunity to RELEASE and prepare to move on! I will be holding a special full moon release circle.. contact me for more details!full moon tides

July 16th…. Jupiter leaves Cancer and moves into Fiery, passionate, heart centered Leo!( Contact me for special Jupiter readings)

July 20th…… Saturn goes direct. Projects that have  stalled and  needed new structures will begin a forward movement with solid, practical, new structures and growth cycles.

July 21…. Uranus goes retrograde for 6 months. Look for sudden inner insights and guidance!

July 22 …..Sun enters Leo…. Happy birthday to all Magnificent Lions and Lionesses!

July 25th ….Mars enters Scorpio! After being in Libra since December 2013… is about time!The energy will feel a lot different. And, finally, with both Jupiter and Mars out of Cancer and Libra, the grand cross energy will begin to dissipate for sure!

July 26th….New Moon in Leo! This will be a perfect time to anchor your  expansion plans for the year as Jupiter will be kissing this new moon! Yippee!leo mystical


Quite a month in store for us. All good for sure.

It is key in our new forward directions. We begin on a  new path of freedom, passion, and  destiny!