New Moon In Gemini May 28@11:40 AM

spiritual love angelGreetings Cosmic Artist,

Each month, we are blessed to have new, powerful Cosmic energy lining up to assist us in our evolutionary process. Wednesday, May 28 @ 11:40 AM PDT, is the New Moon in Gemini…. ruler of our mind and thoughts. This, of course, is perfect Divine right timing! We can really anchor and implement all the new inspired ideas highlighted during the Grand Cross! Yippee!

We are creatures of habit. Actually, we think about 40,000 thoughts per day!stars and brain

Wow…our brains are busy! And, as we think and rethink these same thoughts over and over…you know the ones that limit us and hold us hostage…. a deep groove is created. This is why it is so difficult to break up these patterns. They are super ingrained in our brains, operating at subconscious levels.


Wednesday is an opportunity to begin anew….and do a bit of re-programing!

Call it a new update and download into your real personal computer…your brain!


With so much NEW information that is now available to us…. It’s time to upgrade! Let the fear and self-defeating beliefs go! We KNOW they are NOT true…so don’t let them run your life. Delete them. Period.happy be


And, what is so exciting is that we can really make progress at this time. There are several additional astrological aspects on this day that will ASSIST us if we do the work on our side.


So…before you begin your ceremony…lets shake it up…change the energy.

I love the revolution created with the Happy Song by Pharrel Williams.


Around the world people are smiling and dancing and having fun!

Imagine….If we were all Happy every day! Creating happy brain waves! Radical…yes?

Let’s do it this month…create a new habit and a new brain groove… listen to Happy for 30 days….Let’s re-create our thoughts!happy williamsjpg

Here’s the link….listen and get inspired! Please do this before you begin your ceremony!



Now, on to the New Moon Happy Ceremony! Gemini rules our thought process, including writing, speaking, effective listening, and teaching. The best way to use the power of this New Moon is to anchor in NEW THOUGHTS and intentions! Let’s release some of those 40,000 old warn out thoughts that keep us in despair and struggle, and open up  and reinvent new Happy grooves that lead to creativity, joy and adventure!happy clap

Sample Happy intentions to promote effective communication are:

I am HAPPY to clearly communicate my opinions with my coworkers in an effective manner that allows for us all to be Happy!

I am Happy to LISTEN to and pause before I respond to my family or happy firendsco-workers.

I am happy to ASK the right questions, leading me to a clear understanding in ALL conversations.



Gemini rules learning, including: factual information, print media, the internet, and formal education.

Sample intentions to enhance learning and more Happiness!

I am so happy to navigate the internet with ease!

I am Happy to find the perfect classes to further my education in the field of


I am Happy to find the perfect books that empower me to further my goals.


Gemini Rules Motion, including:clasic car

Automobiles (and mechanics), and all transportation.

Sample intentions to facility Happy movement:

I am so Happy to find the perfect car at the perfect price.

I am so happy to have the perfect mechanic who makes my car Happy!

I am Happy to fly and travel!


Gemini rules Brothers, sisters, neighbors, schoolmates, and roommates.

Sample intentions to encourage positive Happy communication:happy iransjpg

I am Happy to effectively communicate with my (sister, brother, roommate)

I am so Happy to have harmonious relationships with all my neighbors.

I am Happy to have a Happy Roomie!


Gemini rules Logic, including:

Awareness of options, cleverness, short-term results, variety, and ingenuity.

Sample intentions to enhance Happy Logic:

I am Happy to choose Variety as the spice of life!happy .face

I am so happy to come up with new Happy options!

I am Happy to choose to do things differently!

I am so Happy to have a clever brain!


As always, feel free to use these or make up your own Happy Thoughts!

This is about creating new Thought and feeling grooves in your brain, So get creative, use your ingenuity and, and BE HAPPY!


Here is the 411 for your Happy New Moon ceremony.


  1. Start at the exact time 11:40 AM PST May 28th or AFTER. You have up to 8 hours after to really capture the full intensity, and the closer to the exact time is always better!
  2. Get HAPPY and make your ceremony special and FUN. Listen to the Happy Song.
  3. Write your 10 Happy Intentions, by hand, not computer.
  4. Take a few moments to actually FEEL it, see it, and trust that it is accomplished!
  5. Last but not least….STAY HAPPY this month. Dance, sing, and practice random acts of happiness!

Stay Inspired…Connected….Empowered!


And Happy!


Peace and Blessings,







Cosmic Currents Last week of May 25th -31st

memorial-day-image-of-american-flagFirst…as we begin this week, I would like to take just a moment on this Memorial Day to Thank all our Veterans  that have served  and those service men and women who still continue to serve and protect our country. We are blessed to live where Freedom is precious and a way of life.

We appreciate you!

Thank you!

Thank you!

Thank you!



Highlights  for this last week of May…….

Wednesday is the big day of the Week! The New Moon in Gemini @ 10:40 AM will be rocking with Mars and Neptune. Take advantage of the assistant and USE  it to re-create and invent the New You! The grand cross has happen, now it is up to us to powerfully take the lead in new directions. The New Moon ceremony   posted.  Try  to do it on or after the exact time of the New Moon! Have some fun  creating your ” Happy Ceremony” and change a few brain cells!

In the evening at 6:46 PM, Venus moves into its ruling sign of Taurus for the next 6 weeks! Venus loves  being here and is empowered!  You will notice a mood shift to all things beautiful, graceful, and elegant. Love is in the Air ……!worldlove


Thursday May 29th

Mercury shifts into Cancer. When in this sign we think more in terms of our families, our homes and how to nurture those around us with loving thoughts and conversations. Jupiter  remains in Cancer  for about another 6 weeks, so the combination will increase your thoughts about  those you love. Special Note….Mercury will begin its second retrograde Motion in Cancer on June 7th- July 1.  So, be prepared! Slow down, integrate, and rethink the year to date with  all the changes that have occurred. Be sure to complete and sign contracts, finish agreements,  back up your computer, and, get all your broken items fixed, or wait until July 1 , when he goes direct!

June will be the perfect month to plan a vacation or even a mini retreat, but really to just slowwwwwww it down!

  relax sunset

Saturday May 28th

This is an energetic day to close the month filled with emotional twists and  turns!

Best Practice is to breath and not react! Remember to listen to The Happy song for sure, and look for ways to create win win in all conversations!

Remember you are on a  new direction and path, so integrate with joy!


Stay Inspired….Connected…..Empowered!

Peace and Blessings



Cosmic Currents May 18-24

cosmic-breath-of-lifeThe recent Grand Cross energy is still reverberating for many of us, and this week we will certainly get some help  from the  Cosmos ! Yippee!


Here are  the highlights of the week….


Monday May 19th @ 6:31 PM    Mars goes direct!

After 10 + weeks of being retrograde, we will have help and energy from the planet that rules our activities and movement. What this means for us is that we will get much needed assistance with this action planet! Mars  is how we move in the world and get things accomplished. When in retrograde,  action is turned inward, or simply stated,   thwarted in many areas of our lives.  Mars has been residing in the sign of  Libra, the ruler of relationships and the many twists and turns that go along with our partnerships.  So, what we will notice this week ( Mars will start out slowly) is that areas, conversations, and situations that have  been in conflict, or disagreement, will start to work themselves out and clear outcomes will  reveal themselves . Projects will start to move forward, and new directions will appear! Best Practice is to choose  the way of a Win Win for both parties,  and follow  new empowering directions. This is the intention behind the dramatic Grand Cross energy from April. Also, if your energy has been really off, super tired, and the lack of….you will begin to feel much more energetic!(again….Yippee, personally, I am super happy about Mars direct!)penguin on dolphin

May 20th… The Sun moves into Light and Airy  Gemini!

The energy of the Sun in this sign allows us to BE THE THINKER!the thinker

Think, adapt, and adjust to new ways and insights received during the Grand Cross. Again….Best Practice is to Follow your New Insights and be open to brilliant New ideas and some excellent conversation!


May 24th  Jupiter Trines Saturn!

This is a most fantastic alignment that allows for us to really ANCHOR and implement powerful new ideas and directions. Be on the look out for coincidences  and just good old miracles and magic happening! It is like a shower of blessings after  the heavy cosmic storm, and a perfect way to relax and celebrate a 3 day weekend! It has been a super intense few months.rainbowfalls Have some fun…and….

Stay Inspired….Connected…..Empowered

Peace and Blessings



Full Moon in Scorpio May 14th

change98201_448973581852345_996570224_nFull Moon in Scorpio

May 14th  @ 12:15 PM

Full Moons  illuminate! They  are oppositions, calling for a conscious balancing of the energies involved. This week we have the  Full Moon in Scorpio  opposition the Sun in Taurus. And, it will be quite  intense  and emotional I might add.  These are 2 fixed signs, meaning, it is more difficult for us  to break up old  patterns and let go of what is no longer working. In the wake of the powerful grand cross energy, what is being asked during this full moon is to really, really, really release  all of the old, deep, dark Scorpio patterns that hold jealousy, greed,  and power in place.  Bye Bye Now to all this baggage that no longer works and is fear and power driven.  And, truly anchor  a solid, grounded, beautiful new path of Being that is  guided by the ruler of Taurus the Goddess Venus. She brings with her the feminine principles of abundance, love, grace, beauty, and balance.  Walking  a new path, afterthe storm which is sustainable is our next step. Now is the time. We are the ones to do the work.

Go out and soak up her beauty Wednesday evening…..howl, dance, sing, celebrate! It is so freeing to just let it go….we made  it thru the  Cosmic Storm….now we rebuild on a solid Taurus foundation!



Stay Inspired….Connected….Empowered!

Love and Light


Cosmic Currents May 11-19th

Greetings All,

April Recap:cosmic storm 2

Wow…..was  April’s Grand Cross energy  potent?! Very much like a gigantic  Cosmic Storm! And, like all major storms, the work begins when the storm ends. We  pick up the pieces and rebuild our lives! (Pluto) And, Uranus is asking us to rebuild  innovative  ways of being and living!

Keep in mind that at its highest level,these rare and potent energies are calling you to new life,one that is more vital where you feel less encumbered and free from what may have held you back in the past.
And this is very, very exciting even if difficult and challenging at times.after the stomr

But, our higher purpose is  beckoning us.  May, (the month of Taurus),  is a the perfect time to plant  seeds in fertile soil, grounding our new direction, where vitality and passion live! Our best option, no matter what our life looks like today, is to follow passion and aliveness!Always remember, this is a loving,  supportive Universe, and the Cosmic Intention behind this Grand Cross is to provide a giant opening  for freedom,   self expression, and  more balance for what is truly important….family, friends, and love! Step back and  take some time to integrate what just occurred.  It was powerful. What happened to you  in the last few weeks? What doors opened or closed? What insights or ahha moments did you realize?

This is where  to look for your answers  guidance and direction!

stand in faiths

May’s Cosmic energy is much calmer, with just this week of the full moon being  high intensity. But, I will say, that the “aftermath” of the Grand Cross storm is still quit  palpable and our best practice is to slow down, become still, and allow the new energy to nurture and guide us!

May 14th Full Moon in Scorpiohowling dog full moon

The Full Moon on the 14th is in the intense sign of Scorpio.The sign of secrets, hidden agendas and that which we often try to avoid. This particular Full Moon is connected with Saturn, suggesting the past is coming to meet the present in some way. All said, the lessons learned now may prove to be invaluable. Further there is a strong Venus Uranus conjunction which increases the desire for freedom and independence from something that holds you back or has gotten in the way of real progress. It may be that a lot can happening  a very short period of time as the pressure for change and growth mounts. Also highlighted is a Venus Pluto  square that will bring financial issues to light. Be prepared to revisit old patterns! ( Please see more details on the Full Moon Featured Page.)
May 19th Mars stations direct! Yippee!
Mars turned retrograde on March 1st and now, after 10+ weeks, it is stationing direct.  (This happens once every 2 years). He  has been spending all this time in the sign of Libra, which rules partnerships, beauty, harmony, and balance. When retrograding, Mars looks below the surface and stirs up  issues that have not yet been dealt with  in these areas.  You may have discovered some  interesting and important insights  while just not  realizing  how significant they were! It can be most helpful to look more carefully at  what occurred for you while  in retrograde.  Mars is the planet that makes things happen…it is called the “Great Catalyst” in astrology for a reason! So, be prepared for movement, healing, and forward action  in all your partnerships. Balance, harmony, fairness, and win win for both parties is the highest goal to reach for in all our relationships!
lotusStay Inspired….Connected….Empowered
Love and Light