Full Moon in Capricorn/ Cancer July 9th


This is a super powerful, highly emotional Full Moon!

The Moon is conjunct Pluto…..illuminating what is buried  to be released! Deep, dark feelings we have  hidden and not wanted to deal with will probably come to the surface. We are in the middle of a revolution/evolution, and Pluto in Capricorn IS, HAS,and WILL continue to breakdown our social structures and systems, both on the national scene, and in our personal life! The old order is dying, and the new paradigm  is trying to emerge…. all we need to do is to look at the political world scene and our feelings of safety, security, power, lack of it are felt personally!This can be a scary time, so facing our fears, releasing them and having love and compassion for ourselves and others is the Best Practice!

Opposite this Moon/ Pluto aspect  is the Sun conjunct Mars, both in Cancer. Our emotional fears, anger, family  issues ,control and power struggles, are highlighted!

This opposition is forming  squares to both Jupiter in Libra, and Uranus in Aries…. making everything seam bigger than life, and feeling like we just want to break free!!! This  loose grand cross  in Cardinal signs is asking us to make decisions. This is a crossroads moment in time.  We are face to face with what needs to be changed and released! Time to let go of what is old stagnant, corrupt, and diseased, so that new life and directions can be born!!!

Here is a great quote ….particularity for this weekend….”Everyone and everything around you is your teacher” So as weekend unfolds with highly charged feelings, what can you learn? How can you act with love and compassion in the midst of chaos? Taking responsibility for our feelings is the key to navigating this energy. Ground yourself in your Truth, allow others to have their opinions, look for a mature and open hearted resolution. Be a Spiritual warrior for truth and justice for you, your family, and for the world stage! We need YOUR LIGHT!

Take time to go out under the power of this Moonlight, and let all your frustrations go! Write them down,release them to the moon, howl it out, and bless all those challenges for  the many lessons learned,and just surrender to change!! Crystals to use tonight….Moonstone, black onyx or obsidian, rose quartz, and carnelian!



Peace and Blessings




Full Moon in Scorpio May 10th..Wesak Festival of the Buddha!

Full Moon in Scorpio @20*

Wesak Moon, Festival of Buddha

May 10th @2:42 PM

Full Moons occur when the Sun and  Moon are in opposite signs. It is a time when what is hidden comes into the light, and we seek to BALANCE any energy that is hidden or needs to be released!

Every year when the Sun is in Taurus and the Full Moon is in Scorpio, the annual descent of the Buddha takes place. It is quite a mystical and magical Full Moon, and one that allows us to receive much needed love, compassion, guidance, and blessings from our Spiritual Masters in the ethical realm.

Esoteric teachings tell us that there are Great Master of Light and Sound residing in the Himalayas in a mystical valley called Shamballa,a scared place that doesn’t’ quite exist in the physical realm, but rather in the etheric.The Wesak Festival is generally known as the Festival of the Buddha. In legend, full of imagery, He is said to make an annual appearance at exact time of the full moon in Scorpio. He appears for a brief period and enacts a water ceremony before his great brother, the Christ, and an assembly of Spiritual disciples. It is said that these Masters descend from Shamballa  to bless mankind with their grace, and to offer guidance!

The potency of the Buddha’s presence is such that it cannot be endured for long by the assembled group. The moment of His approach is characterized by a great Silence, said to be brimming with vitality and significance. The Buddha’s blessing, stepped down by the Christ, is radiated throughout the gathering and into the world.

During this Spiritual high point of the year our greatest service is to prepare ourselves spiritually for the energy pouring into humanity, and to hold the inner connection in daily life, visualizing ourselves as a pure channel of light . The goal to live consciously within the aura of the spiritual group to which our soul naturally belongs.

During this special time, we all  receive the flow from the Buddha, into our human hearts and minds, unifying, lifting and revealing our Spiritual connection and destiny!

Please join Linda Lightfoot and me for a  very special Full Moon gathering as we honor and receive the Blessings of the Buddha and many other Spiritual Masters!

 Place:Mothers Beach in Marina del Rey ( in front of Jamaica Bay Inn)

Time:7 to 9 PM

Ceremony Includes:

Astro overview, meditation, essential oils, crystals, and amazing Full Moon Buddha Light!

Cost: $25 ( please bring $ or sign up on line on the events page)

RSVP Required!

This is a Very Very Very Special time and Gathering!


If you can’t join in person, please go out and sit under the Moonlight and imagine Shamballa and receive your blessings from the Buddha and the Spiritual Hierarchy!

Crystals to use:your Moonstone, and Malachite for it’s trans formative powers! I Would also include Rose quartz for Love and Compassion, Herkimer Diamond for Clear Connection, and any other crystal that wants to come. Also, it is a great practice to place your crystals out in the moonlight….particularly this one! They love it and will soak in all this great Cosmic energy for you!

Astrologically….this is quite a beautiful line up of energy!

The Scorpio energy will bring focus to your money, finances, power or empowerment around power, sexuality, sensuality and intimacy. Self worth and your values will come to play.

There will be a lot of passionate energy flying around which can either be very motivation and inspiring or overwhelming and chaotic!  You will want to watch out for and release any jealousy obsessions, watch out for impulsive purchases that create future debt, and misusing power that is given you….Karma is watching!

Best Practice:

*Tap into the benevolent energy of the Wesak moon by asking the Spiritual hierarchy to bring you strength,clarity and protection!

*Open yourself to RECEIVING the abundance of Universal Grace that is present!

* Ask How can I best boost my self esteem?

*What resources are available  that I can use more efficiently?

*What empowers me…what can I release  that dis- empowers me?

*How can I empower those around me?

This is the opportunity to get really honest with where you are, where you want to go, and call in the Spiritual Hierarchy to assist!

Ask and it is Given!!!

Sending you all Love, Compassion, Abundance and Peace





Full Moon in Libra/Aries on April 10th


April 10th…..Full Moon in Libra-Aries @ 11:08 PM

This is quite an energetic  and potent Full Moon! It involves a T-square with  the Sun and Uranus in Aries, opposing the Moon and Jupiter in Libra,  all squaring Pluto in Capricorn! Yicks……tensions and energy will be high!

These are all dynamic power planets, each vying to win!

So….here’s what might come up…..

*Being stubborn or resistant to change or opposing views!

*Not listening to your inner voice/intuition and acting impulsively or carelessly!

*You may think you know what is best for you or another at this time, when , in fact, new information is trying to come through to you. Listen carefully before responding or making important decisions or taking non-revocable actions!!

*Trying to do to much….or pushing others to hard!

BEST PRACTICE for this Full Moon Energy

*Be open in your stance and approach

*Try to find common ground on a topics. If you can’t, don’t give up…let it rest, and approach at a later date!

*Use mindfulness in your conversations….take the High Road! Try to mend bridges rather than tear them down!

*Be diplomatic and a mediator…..look for win win solutions!

*Practice RADICAL self care! Energy and conflicts will abound….work to stay centered!

And…a few questions to ask….

*Are my relationships and partnerships equally empowering and supportive?

*If not, what could be done to make them more so?

*Am I taking the extra steps to build a bridge if the opening presents itself?     

It will be an  intense few days….particularly since Mercury is adding to some of the confusion….

Pause…..Breathe ……..Pause……Breathe……

And….. know the more you strive for  all parties to win…..you win!!!


Best Crystals to use for this Full Moon Ceremony

Rose Quartz for sure….For bringing in  love and balance!

Carnelian….. For Creative expressions and  thinking outside the box.

Onyx…..Ground good solid solutions.

Moonstone….always on Moon events, for release and renewal

Amethyst….to connect to your higher self, guides, and angels!

Merlinite….for a little Magic!!

Take time, slow done, look at win win….and expect some wild and dynamic happenings!



Full moons are always about finding balance and bringing what was/is hidden to light for release or transformation. So, as you prepare for your Full Moon Ceremony, here are a few guidelines. Try to get outside under the moonlight, either Sunday or Monday evening. The power of her magical rays are quite healing and revealing! Have your crystals near by. Crystals love to be our under the moonlight!

Make this time special, and  magical.

Take a few minutes to consider the last few weeks and all your relationships. Write down what you really want to release in terms of patterns, believes, or information that no longer supports the relationship. Write it all down. Keep writing!

When complete, say a prayer and give it all over to the power of the moon. And, if  you are in a safe place…..burn it! Watch it go up in flames….leaving you forever! Gone!

Feeling a sense of relief, freedom, and clarity, add a prayer of thanksgiving!

This is a quite a month of change and re connection…..follow the Cosmic signs and synchronicities to stay on YOUR  path!




Peace and Blessings




Full Moon in Virgo/Pisces March Sunday March 12th


Full Moon @ 22 * Virgo/Pisces

March 12 @ 7:54 AM

Full Moons occur when the Sun and Moon are in opposite signs. It is a time of seeing clearly both sides of an issue, and working to combine both. A Full Moon always seeks to create balance. This Full Moon is bound to bring up mixed feelings as it has challenging aspects involved!

Remember….emotions run high….Pause and give those around you space!!!

The main emphasis  of this Full Moon is:

  • Looking at how you integrate and balance your spiritual life and your daily practice . Faith vs fear!
  • Routines and practices that increase your overall health
  • The integration between your spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical.
  • This Full Moon brings the energies of imagination, mysticism and creativity, while showing that in order to   create you are required to stay focused and practical!

The aspects that add complexity to this Full Moon:

  • Saturn is squaring both the Sun and Moon, making it important to consider what is practical, realistic and viable when it comes to manifesting your dreams. Take off the Rose Colored Glasses!
  • This square can increase weariness and fatigue….so rest!!
  • Mercury is squaring Saturn, mentally challenging your decision making process.  Seeing realistically, and considering all details is your pest best practice! And take your time in the process!

What to watch out for:

  • Focusing on the details so much that you resist going with the flow
  •  Falling into victim roll
  • Feeling depressed, worried or anxious about things
  • Striving for perfection to the point of distraction!

What to strive for:

  • Making a conscious effort to develop faith  if you are fearful or worried
  • Look at self- critical of self defeating beliefs that keep driving your decisions
  • Eliminate distractions, focusing on one thing at a time
  • Avoid things that send you into overwhelm




Things to consider:

  • How can I establish a daily Spiritual Practice to remember my true essence?
  • When I receive inner guidance, do I listen to it and apply it to my life?
  • Do I push myself too hard not allowing for test and retreat?
  • Am I integrating both my common sense and inner knowing as I consider my options?

Below is your grid for this FM, and the best stones to use are Amethyst and Peridot for the integration

of  Pisces and  Virgo.

Black Onyx for grounding and seeing clearly, and Carnelian for creating!


Remember…..where ever you are….be sure to go out under this beautiful full Moon and receive her blessings….

And Howl!!!



Peace and Blessings




Full Moon Lunar Eclipse Feb 10th!

Full Moon in Leo @ 22 *

Welcome to Eclipse Season!

Eclipses are dramatic wild cards and some of the most powerful tools that the universe uses to get us to pay attention to areas in our life that need to change. They uproot us, surprise is, and get us moving. They shake us up so that we can move from one level of maturity to another, and to a higher plane very rapidly. Eclipse wants us to change, and change we do!

This Full Moon Lunar Eclipse includes a Fire Grand Trine….so we will be Fired UP for sure!

The Moon in Leo  seeks recognition…we want to be the Star and Shine! We are the King or Queen of our realm, and our world revolves around us!

Aquarius, however is the intellectual air sign, focused on the group conscientiousness.The worlds eclectic mix of personalities must be able to work as a team to ensure the future of humankind as a whole.

Our differences can either help us to  support each other….. or set us apart!

Our job during this Eclipse is to integrate these 2 energies! How can we Shine and bring our Creative Self expression to the causes that are best for the collective conscience?

For sure, it is a time to follow inspired hopes and dreams. To bring our brilliance and think outside the box! Collaborate with friends and colleagues! To take actions that start a new project! Remember, “If you want something, you must DO something!!!”

The crystals that are most important for this full moon are Citrine ( to abundantly shine your light) and Aquamarine, ( to assist in connecting you to your brilliance!) I also connected up the Fire Grand Trine with Ruby for the Aries, and Labradorite for the Sagittarius

Here is the grid for this Full Moon.


Details for your Full Moon Ceremony:

Full Moons are not  time sensitive as New Moons,so no worry to be out at the exact time, But…fyi, the time is 4:33  PM  Feb 10 PST.

Plan to go out under the moonlight if you can so you can soak in her amazing rays and get fired up!

Find your spot, have a journal!

Take in a few deep breaths, become fully present, connecting to your Higher self,and say a prayer that includes both asking for guidance and gratitude!

If you need to release or let go of something you have been holding on to for eons…….write it down, what ever it is…… and give it over to the Moon!

Once that is done…..ask these questions… and wait for the messages.

  • Am I true to myself in group settings, or do  I adjust “who I am in order to fit in?” (Independence vs interdependence)
  • What is the best way for me to Stay True to Me?
  • Am I open to a Vision in my Life…
  • If not, what does that Vision look like?
  • What action steps can I take to to make it happen?
  • What  groups can I collaborate with to accelerate my dreams and vision?
  • What is the best way to bring my gifts to the world!

Take the time to get it all down….Eclipses Super charge everything….including your hopes and dreams!

  When your time is complete…again give thanks for all you have and for the messages received,                                        ALLOW the Magic in the Moonlight to  to Begin!!!



Peace and Blessings