Elements of the 2014 Grand Cross Starting on New Year’s Day, and building toward a peak in April, there are 4 planets in interlocking squares and oppositions, all competing with and stimulating one another. Because these slower moving outer planets are involved, this configuration reflects long standing problems that are very difficult to resolve. […]

This New Moon in Pisces offers an EXCEPTIONAL opportunity for profound insights, deep healing and major shifts in consciousness!  Here’s why. Neptune, (the Ruler of Pisces, Mythic God of the Seas), the Sun, Moon, and Chiron (the wounded healer) are ALL lined up in Pisces forming a huge celestial doorway into the higher dimensional realms. […]

Week Overview: This is quite an amazing week with lots of cosmic activity! First….the powerful square between Jupiter and Uranus Feb 25th brings about change and dynamic events.  Also, there is a very strong mystical presence as the Sun conjuncts (kisses) Neptune ( Feb 23th),  reminding us of our true nature and purpose.  And, Mercury […]

Venus rules love and  money….and she has be asleep since Dec 15th.  So the last 8 weeks has been about review your love relationships and your resources. Once she turns direct, you will become clear on the direction to take in Love, and your resources will again begin to open and up and $ will […]